• Mini GPS Tracker

Listening, voice recording, voice control callback, real-time tracking, shock burglar alarm, SOS one key for help, historical trajectory. Comprehensive support for WiFi, LBS, GPS.

• Safety protection: The GPS GF-09 tracker is very mini and is suitable for tracking vehicles, teens, spouses, seniors or assets. You can download the companion app binding device for free and use the real-time location feature for free.

• Accurate positioning: Free real-time tracking, data upload interval can be set according to the needs of 30-120 minutes can be adjusted freely. The back side of the product is highly magnetic and can be adsorbed on magnetic or iron products.

• Free to use: Just get a SIM card for the device (the product doesn't include a SIM card, so you need to buy another one) and download 365 GPS apps for free from your tablet, PC or phone. Real-time tracking is available at no additional cost.

 History memory: The GPS GF-09 tracker can save 1 year of tracking history. You can view and play back your daily tracking history, and when a person goes to a place where he doesn't need to go, you can make a clearer judgment.

• Long battery life: The GPS GF-09 tracker has a built-in 600 mAh lithium-ion battery for long standby times. This tracker is not an outdated 2G. This is a new version, it is better than 2G, Eilimy GPS tracker real-time locator is your best choice!


• Functions:

- remote pickup,
- remote recording,
- voice control callback,
- voice control recording,
- HD silicon microphone WiFi + LBS + AGPS positioning,
- real-time tracking,
- historical tracks,
- vibration anti-theft alarm,
- electronic fence,
- built-in strong magnetism,
- multiple power saving modes,
- low-power alarm,
- remote on / off AAP + computer terminal + short message operation.


Preparation before use

1. Check whether the equipment model is correct and whether the accessories are complete.

2. Select GSM network card or Nano SIM card of Internet of Things (CDMA telecommunication card is not supported ); GSM card is required to be enabled with the functions of GPRS, SMS and caller ID.

3. Start - up: For key-press host, press the key and hold for 3 seconds to start up; if no key, install SIM card and the device starts up, and the red light will flash slowly for 30 seconds before the device goes online.

4. Shutdown: For key-press host, press the key and hold for 3 seconds to shut down the device; if no key, unplug the SIM card, the device shuts down automatically 30 seconds later, and the red light goes out.


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Mini GPS Tracker

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